Performing Arts Precinct

Phase two of the Founding Pianos project will involve a multi-million dollar building campaign including a home for the collection in the form of entertainment and engagement spaces and state-of-the-art teaching, performance, recording and restoration facilities, here in Western Australia. The precinct will offer opportunities of community engagement with the collection. A variety of programs will ensure that the performing arts culture will be easily accessible to the wider community.


The performing arts precinct will bring learning experiences that blend tradition with innovation; performance spaces will become living theatres and seamlessly marry performance with ground-breaking technology. The precinct will focus on connectivity, we will share WAAPA with the world and bring the world to WAAPA.

Globally-leading teachers and practitioners will be able to engage students both in person and remotely. Learning spaces will be at the click of a button, making WAAPA a globally interactive, collaborative and accessible institution. Housing a superb auditorium and gallery space, the precinct will also facilitate an open and visible piano restoration workshop capable of hosting masterclasses and symposiums – training the next generation of keyboard technicians and restorers. Join us in creating a global stage for Western Australia.

We welcome special friends, donors and champions to be part of our incredible, multi- phase journey to establish the performing arts precinct at WAAPA. Your involvement will deeply enrich the cultural life of Australia, now and for generations to come.